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Combustion Inducement
Pyre Combustion Inducement.gif
As part of Hell-Fire Manipulation's package, Pyre (TF2 Freak) can cause an explosion of hell-fire to occur when he's infuriated.
Power/Ability to: Spontaneously ignite objects.

The power to cause matter to burst into flames. Sub-power of Fire Manipulation. Not to be confused with Disintegration.

Also Called[]

  • Combustion Effects
  • Spontaneous Combustion


Users can increase the kinetics of atoms and molecules causing them to ignite. This process creates heat and light that the user can use.



  • Combustion Touch
  • Flashover Inducement
  • Ignition Slash
  • Molecular Combustion: make molecules speed up to the point that the desired target combusts or explodes.
  • Sonic Combustion: cause sound waves to expand within an object until it reaches critical mass and explodes.



  • Should be careful in near flammable materials.
  • Unless the users have Fire Immunity, Heat Immunity, or Thermal Resistance, setting self on fire could be dangerous.
  • Lack of oxygen may prevent the ability from activating.
  • Weak against Explosive Negation.

Known Users[]