Dagger Proficiency
TelroSpy (TF2 Freak) is well known for his proficiency with knives during close-quarters combat.

Power/Ability to:

Possess great skill with a dagger

"You see, it's the slow knife... the knife that takes its time, the knife that waits years without forgetting, then slips quietly between the bones... that's the knife that cuts deepest."
― Talia al Ghul (The Dark Knight Rises)

The power to possess great skill in wielding a dagger. Variation of Weapon Proficiency.

Also CalledEdit

  • Enhanced Dagger Fighting/Proficiency/Throwing
  • Enhanced Daggermanship
  • Enhanced Knifemanship
  • Enhanced Knifeplay
  • Enhanced Knife Fighting/Proficiency/Throwing
  • Enhanced Trench Knife Skill
  • Tantōjutsu


Users have an incredible aptitude for the ways of the dagger. They can wield small blades with great proficiency and cunning as well as stealth; concealing multiple knives on their person flawlessly, to be retrieved at will in combat.


  • Extreme skill with all forms of daggers, paired with the ease with which such weapons may be hidden on the body, allows the user to employ a richly varied fighting style: switching between any number of exotic types of knife mid-battle to hack, jab, hook or otherwise harm a target. The more powerful users of this ability may even use some specialized varieties of daggers in ways they were not designed for, such as throwing a stiletto accurately or impaling with a curved blade.
  • Trick moves, misdirection and feints to add to the user's abilities in combat as well as for the purposes of display.
  • The ability to target and exploit an opponent's vital points with flawless accuracy, often to make a swift, silent kill or disable without inflicting lethal wounds.
  • Some varieties of dagger lend themselves to throwing, in which case the user's aim can be expected to be nigh perfect, even in the middle of combat or when throwing multiple weapons. In addition, this may allow the user to pin targets down through their opponent's clothing or flesh, preventing them from moving without actually killing them.
  • The shortness of a dagger offers a smaller blind-spot than long swords, while at the same time allowing them to take advantage of such spots in the face of swordsmen.



  • User may not be able to handle a larger blade with similar skill.
  • Aside from the actual act of eliminating a target, this ability does not enhance a user's stealth.

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