Digital Artillery
The Robo-Siblings Digital Artillery
Having a digistructing system that’s located on their backs, all The Robo-Siblings (TF2 Freak) can create their own form of artillery that happen to deal greater damage than normal forms of ranged weaponry because the bullets are far more complex in terms of design. As long as they don’t have their system demolished in some certain instances, they are always going to be constructing more of them.

Power/Ability to:

Launch digital-based powers using ranged weapons.

The ability to use data-based abilities by using ranged weapons as conduits. Variation of Digital Weaponry and Power Artillery.

Also CalledEdit

  • Digital Bow Proficiency/Usage
  • Digital Firearms Proficiency/Usage
  • Digital Gun Proficiency/Usage


The user can either use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc, as a conduit for digital information or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them.





  • May be limited to only one digital effect.
  • Useless without ranged weapon medium.

Known UsersEdit

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